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General Oral Surgery Procedures North Bethesda

The Expertise You Need, The Experience You Deserve

Oral surgery is often required to address problems that are beyond the knowledge and skill of a general dentist, such as extracting impacted teeth or repairing trauma to the jaw. No matter what kind of procedure a patient needs, our team takes the time to address any questions beforehand so they can go into their treatment relaxed, and then he uses the latest techniques to ensure a smooth and successful experience. While hearing you need general oral surgery procedures in our North Bethesda specialty dental office can certainly seem nerve-wracking, we’ll show you just how easy it can be to fully restore your smile and oral health.

Smiling woman in dental chair after oral surgery procedure in North Bethesda

Why Choose North Bethesda Dental and Implant Specialists for General Oral Surgery Procedures?

Tooth Extractions

Clasp holding extracted tooth

When a tooth becomes too damaged or decayed to be repaired, a tooth extraction is often the only viable option. Our team has performed countless extractions over the course of their career, and thanks to the expert touch and use of the latest analgesics here at North Bethesda Dental and Implant Specialists, our patients are able to remain comfortable from beginning to end. And, if needed, we can quickly replace the teeth with dental implants as well to close any gaps.

Impacted Canine Treatment

Dental patient receiving impacted canine treatment

It’s fairly common, especially in younger patients, for the canine teeth to become stuck while trying to erupt, which can affect the look of the smile as well as the alignment of the surrounding teeth. Fortunately, our team can correct this problem with a minor procedure that simply creates a clear path for the teeth to come in properly. It usually can be completed in just one appointment and only calls for minimal anesthetic to help even the smallest patient stay relaxed.

Facial Trauma Repair

Man in dental chair holding his cheek in pain

Whether due to a sports-related accident, motor vehicle accident, or domestic violence, trauma to the teeth and jaw can cause serious problems for both a person’s oral health as well as their self-confidence. Using the newest technology and surgical methods, our team is able to replenish the strength and beauty of someone’s smile no matter what condition it might be in now. We can make it seem like the incident never happened in the first place, enabling a patient to move on with their life in peace.

Oral Pathology

Woman pointing to red inflamed spot in her gums

Oral pathology is focused on finding and diagnosing diseases that specifically affect the mouth, with oral cancer being the primary one. Whenever you come to see us at North Bethesda Dental and Implant Specialists, we will keep an eye out for any suspicious sores, growths, or discolored patches of tissue that could indicate precancerous or cancerous cells. If we find anything, we can take a biopsy so a patient is able to get a diagnosis and follow-up care as quickly as possible.


Model of the inside of a tooth

If a dental infection inside a tooth spreads beyond the root and into the jawbone, an apicoectomy can be used to stop it while saving the tooth in the process. After creating a small hole in the jawbone near a tooth, our team will remove any infected tissue, cut off and seal the root of the tooth to prevent further infection, sanitize the area, and then close the incision with self-dissolving sutures. This procedure is often the answer for patients who still experience dental pain even after undergoing a root canal.


Smiling man in dental chair

Attached to each lip and under your tongue, you’ll find a small band of tissue called a frenulum. These typically form during birth, and for some people (particularly children), they can be so short or thick that they inhibit them from speaking, eating, or breathing normally. In the past, a scalpel would be used to solve this kind of problem, but now our team can quickly and painlessly help patients with a soft tissue laser. With just a few minutes and no tears shed, we can snip or loosen a frenulum to help a patient instantly recover their oral function.

Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Woman looking at smile in hand mirror after facial cosmetic surgery

Oral injuries or developmental issues in the jaw can create an off-balanced appearance that easily causes a patient to feel self-conscious every single day, but with facial cosmetic surgery, our team can help a patient get the beautiful and healthy smile they deserve. This can involve a combination of bone grafting and replacing missing teeth as necessary, but no matter the case, the end result will be a smile a patient is always eager to show the world.

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