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Wisdom Tooth Extractions North Bethesda

Quality Care for Problem Teeth

The wisdom teeth are usually the very last ones to come in, appearing in the late teens or early twenties, and for most people, they only cause problems. This is because there often isn’t enough room in the mouth for them, forcing them to push on the surrounding teeth and gums which creates pain towards the back of the mouth. Usually, the best solution is to simply remove them, which is a procedure our team has performed thousands of times. If you or your child are starting to experience problems due to wisdom teeth, give him a call today to get the treatment you need right here at home. We offer gentle, comfortable wisdom tooth extractions in North Bethesda.

Young man smiling outdoors after wisdom tooth extractions in North Bethesda

Why Choose North Bethesda Dental and Implant Specialists for Wisdom Tooth Extractions?

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

X ray of mouth with impacted wisdom teeth highlighted

The wisdom teeth are actually a third set of molars, and they were essential for our caveman ancestors whose diet mostly consisted of uncooked vegetables, hard roots, and tough meats. As cooking techniques advanced and food became easier to eat, these teeth became less necessary, and over thousands of years, the human jaw has actually shrunk. These teeth still appear in the majority of the population today, but they often have to be removed because there simply isn’t adequate space for them anymore.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Illustration of impacted wisdom tooth pressing against adjacent tooth

When a wisdom tooth starts to erupt, it often becomes stuck within the jawbone and gum line, and dentists call this “impacted.” This can start to push the surrounding teeth out of place, causing a misalignment in the bite, and it can also lead to pain and swelling towards the back of the jaw. Impacted wisdom teeth can also create a flap in the gums that traps food particles and makes a person much more susceptible to tooth decay. Once the wisdom teeth have become impacted, the only solution is to remove them.

Wisdom Tooth Removal

Metal clasp holding extracted wisdom tooth

For a patient who may be experiencing issues due to their wisdom teeth, our team will start by giving them an exam and taking X-rays of their mouth. If we confirm that the wisdom teeth are indeed the problem and need to come out, our team will recommend an extraction. The procedure involves a few basic steps:

After Extraction of Wisdom Teeth

Woman having wisdom tooth extracted

A patient will experience a little swelling and bleeding afterward, but gauze dressings and prescribed pain medication will make the recovery process as comfortable as possible. A patient will be asked to take the day of their procedure easy and stick to soft foods for about a week. For most, their mouth feels normal, and they’re able to resume their regular diet and routine after about three to five days.

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